Why We Do What We Do


The Salem Progressive Film Series (SPFS) is an all volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to:

• educating and raising awareness of important current issues in our community and around the world;
• to providing a public forum for discussion and further research;
• and to stimulate personal civic involvement.

As our main educating tool, SPFS showcases nationally prominent documentary films on a variety of topics, followed by distinguished expert guest speakers and audience discussion.

With networking opportunities and free written resources providing background information relevant to each film, the Series works to promote and facilitate broadly based local citizen engagement.

An active, informed and engaged community, concerned about making their world a better place for everyone, is our end goal.

America’s history shows that good government does not run on autopilot, especially during times of stress. The genius – and price – of our representative democracy means citizens have a key role to play in forming the ongoing decisions made between elections.

To do that, as a community WE MUST:

• Stay informed
• Value citizen interaction
• Communicate, debate, persuade
• Focus and take action

The show can’t start without YOU!

Contact information for us:

Salem Progressive Film Series
PO Box 13184
Salem, OR 97309